Asset Management

Asset management may be defined as "a comprehensive and structured approach to the life cycle management of physical assets as tools for the efficient and effective delivery of the business drivers of an enterprise."

To achieve excellence, it is important to understand the building blocks that need to be implemented to ensure success. Our model can be seen in the below figure.

Solutions Framework

In every building block, 2 questions are asked that ultimately deliver value to your organisation:

  • Maintenance Efficiency - How organisationally efficient is the maintenance department in carrying out the maintenance work at best costs? "Are we optimising our maintenance dollar?"
  • Maintenance Effectiveness - How effective is the maintenance strategy in providing plant reliability and achieving output factors? "Are we performing the right maintenance on the right equipment at the right time to achieve the business objectives?"

Our services provide the evaluation of your current practice to determine the best opportunity in relation with pace setters. We then subsequently train and facilitate your organisation through the implementation of processes and systems in our solutions framework to ensure that your people continually deliver value to your organisation.