TP Engineering becomes main sponsor of Lithuanian National basketball team for European Championships 2011


Engineering company TP Engineering has become the new General Sponsor of the Lithuanian National Basketball team. The company provides maintenance, engineering, systems management, emissions monitoring software solutions and services to manufacturing companies.

Lithuanian Basketball Federation Secretary General Mindaugas Balciunas explained that the emergence of a new sponsor before the start of the European basketball championship is very important, TP Engineering is an atypical basketball team sponsor - the engineering company, operating mainly in foreign countries. We hope that the new general sponsor, providing services to heavy industry, and our team will make a heavyweight champion. "

Basketball is the most popular sport in Lithuania, especially among young people. Engineering, unfortunately, is not so popular. Thus, support for the national men's basketball team saw a great opportunity for young people interested in engineering. We have chosen a rather unconventional and our activities in the field of promotion method. However, we believe that this will encourage young people to pursue engineering careers, to work in a challenging but very exciting and world-wide demand in the labor, "- says TP Engineering Chairman Arthur Gudynas.