IT Solutions

Our developed software


"TP Engineering" has designed an Asset Integrity Management software package to manage your asset utilising our solutions framework. It focuses on measuring the performance of your asset and then providing the ability to drill down into the modules of the framework to enable improvement. TP.AIM offers a wide range of capabilities and can be customized to suit our Clients specific needs.


  • TP.MIP
  • TP.Viewer
  • TP.Shell
  • TP.PressureVessels


Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) is a program to monitor and audit a facility's fugitive emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Our software program provides a graphical interface to the user to highlight the areas with excessive leakage and assist in prioritising the repair program. This ensures that the most critical leaks are repaired with urgency and the amounts of leakage are quantified.


We have developed an electronic drawing management system that converts MS Visio, AutoCAD, Bentley and Integraph formats to TPD format, so all users can access online any drawing type.

This interactive P&ID software allows the user to navigate through an entire facility and assign parameters against any defined object on the drawings.


  • Access to the drawing element information from databases
  • Search elements
  • Navigation
  • Print
  • One platform for all drawings

We have expanded P&ID schemes in use, providing opportunities for the visual schemes of LDAR and STEAM TRAP monitoring and any other type of condition monitoring information.


This software program can provide torque calculations for the stud-bolt yield parameters of a gasket's packing's stress level for the correct repairing technique in order to avoid leaking valves and flanges.

It can provide conversion of soft flange gaskets with the calculation of correct torque value.

This program also provides:

  • Selection and calculation of semimetal gaskets for shell, reactors, columns and heat exchangers
  • Standardization and adoption of the nomenclature database
  • S election of bolts material, depending on the operating medium, temperature and working pressure
  • Required torque value calculation affected by the application of a lubricant, bolt design, etc.


Corrosion monitoring and diagnosis in accordance with GOST, RD and other international standards.


  • Monitoring and trending of the thickness of pipelines under the influence of corrosion, erosion and abrasion processes
  • Visual representation using traffic light system of NDT results
  • Evaluation of the