Asset Management

Work Planning & Scheduling

"TP Engineering" have been involved in the preparation, planning and scheduling of many projects, shutdowns and maintenance activities using our unique planning system.

The intention of our system is to give the necessary information for the maintenance task to be performed safely and efficiently such as:

  • Where the maintenance shall be performed
  • Which item that shall be maintained
  • When the maintenance is scheduled to take place
  • Which written instructions that shall be used
  • Which documents are needed (descriptions, instructions, drawings, spare part catalogues)
  • Tools and measurement instruments to be used
  • Any necessary handling and transport equipment to be used
  • Expected spare parts to be used
  • The expected number of people for the maintenance activity and their qualifications (including the possibility to hire external personnel resources)
  • Any special safety rules to take care of
  • The production person to contact (if any) to get the work permit